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Bucare Consultancy is an Amsterdam-based legal firm that specializes in helping entrepreneurs establish their legal businesses in The Netherlands. Understanding that their potential clients find these kinds of services either through a referral or a google search, it became obvious that a total web and SEO update was necessary so they can be easily found on search engines.


Their previous website was done in wordpress but the lack of easy design capabilities, the constant need to update plugins, and the complicated content management system, made it necessary to re-develop the whole website on much easier platform: Wix.

They wanted to keep things looking pretty similar, needed to create a Spanish version of the website, and were looking to really clarify their messaging across channels.

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Before doing all that was needed, this is what Google would return when searching the term "Bucare Consultancy": 

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There was no clear messaging about what they do and no specific keywords on any of the title or description tags.

Their website was already done in Wordpress, so it was a matter of finding the best keywords, doing creative copy writing to include those keywords, and creating all the necessary tags on every page. This is what a Google search on "Bucare Consultancy" looks like now:

The copy-writing and SEO tagging now help their website get found and rank on keywords that attracts business. The next steps will involve a social media strategy to gain and maintain following in order to connect more with their community and potential clients.

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This story is still happening, and now the next challenge is to put a Social Media strategy in place to expand their messaging even further. So, stay tuned!

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